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  • Chris Miller
    – “Honveer provided me quick, easy and hassle-free same day service. I definitely recommend him and his firm for all the legal services."
    Chris Miller
  • Krishan Sharman
    - "I often use their services and I always find them very reasonable and helpful. Honveer is a very experienced and knowledgeable lawyer and has lot of patience and helping attitude. He listens to the clients and guides them for their full satisfaction."
    Krishan Sharman
  • Monika
    I had a contractor who had wrongly placed a builder’s lien on my property. The builder’s lien was later wrongly converted to Certificate of Pending Litigation (CPL). I was in great trouble as the bank was not giving us money until we had the CPL removed from our property. However, Mr. Honveer Randhawa was very knowledgeable as he knew what to do right away. He got the CPL removed within 25 days through a Court Order. Without the help of RANDHAWA LAW CENTRE and its wonderful staff, we would have had to succumbed to the intimating and undue pressure of the contractor.  
  • Namanmeet Singh
    “I have dealt with several lawyers in Canada but have never come across a team of lawyers so efficient and dedicated as at Randhawa Law Centre. They have been very cooperative and even willing to stay after-hours for my legal matters. I highly recommend RLC for their cost effective and caring services.”
    Namanmeet Singh
  • Parminder Mannan
    I bought a property through RANDHAWA LAW CENTRE and their prices were less than any other Law Firm or Notary we contacted. With absolutely reasonable prices and an unbeatable service, Honveer would pick our calls at 10:30 PM at night and reduce our anxiety with last minute complications in our House Purchase Deal.
    Parminder Mannan
  • Pinky Badesha
    1. I was troubled with a family/divorce litigation and was trying to litigate my case on my own because lawyers are pretty expensive. I was in court losing and broken hearted when Mr. Randhawa from RANDHAWA LAW CENTRE spoke to me and provided me with invaluable advice for free. I then retained Mr. Randhawa as his fees was very reasonable and he gave me several discounts on my invoice. With the help of Mr. Randhawa, I achieved a good compromise/ reasonable settlement in my case. I cannot thank Mr. Randhawa enough for his services.
    Pinky Badesha
  • Surinder Singh
    I have been using RLC for Attestations, Power of Attorneys and Sponsorship Letters from the past 2 years, and their services have always been outstanding. They have a huge staff that provides me with quick services whenever I tend.
    Surinder Singh
  • Umer Md.
    We were doing a refinance at our property so we contacted RANDHAWA LAW CENTRE. Gareema Srivastava, lawyer at RANDHAWA LAW CENTRE was amazing in handling our file as she was always approachable and gave us updates throughout our transaction. LEGAL SERVICES WERE FAST, CHEAP AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
    Umer Md.

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